Tuesday, August 6, 2013 2 comments

Screenie Spam and Random Feels

Scene I

Oh, hi there! *waves*

It's about time I made another post on this almost lifeless blog. The screenshots have piled up on my folder and I'll just add them all in this one post. :P

Decisions, Decisions
To quit or not to quit
Silly choice

I love GE it's just too beautiful for me to give up but the economy is crazy. I find it useless to farm anymore. I joined a very active faction and I think I'll really grow here if only I have the time to join their raids on a regular basis but much spare time is a luxury I do not have Y_Y. The future is bleak.

I'm so stressed I need a massage. Y_Y

Annnd I got this Soldier Santa (since... I can't remember when D:) I love him!

then suddenly a J.D. Chimera

Gramps got his baby Cherlyn <3

Grandies finally spent the sunset with Ion inside the sewers

Jayday can bend his neck at an abnormal angle

Grandies love to bully shorty Elisa

When I keep dying on CW...

I've been absent for too long D: I miss dying... not really
who loves being 1HKOed the moment you change channel x_x

and to those who played for years and still playing! How did you do it? How is it that you didn't you get tired? D: I'm just curious xD

Obviously I do not have the talent in writing so I'll just end it here xD

Ja ne! o/
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 0 comments

Sweet Dreams

I bid you.. good night!

and the sweetest of dreams...